Most people overlook the bathroom when designing their house. The bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in a home because most cleaning activities are done there. When you wake up, you use the bathroom to get ready and in the evening before going to bed.

Therefore, a good bathroom gives you the energy to handle your day with positivity and also have a good sleep. It is important to have a bathroom that defines your style.

Moreover, there is a high chance that you usually head to the bathroom whenever you want to relax after work. Taking a shower and doing your skincare routine are examples of therapeutic activities that people do in the bathroom.

This means that having a bathroom that has the best designs gives you a calming sensation. Here are five ways to turn the bathroom into the best spot in the house.

1.  Attractive Tiles

Flooring is a significant part of designing a house. Take your time to pick the best decorative tiles that define your style. Use tiles that accentuate the colors of items in the bathroom. You can customize tiles to have a pattern that brings out the design that you have in mind.

Extend tiles to the shower wall, and it will form uniformity from the floor to the walls. You can also use the tile pattern on the countertop of the sink. Different types of tiles are available on the market, meaning that you will end up with a design that you appreciate.

If you decide to go with dark tiles, ensure that you purchase bright miscellaneous items to decorate the bathroom. Bright tiles such as white are ornamental, meaning that you don’t need to put a lot of bright things in the space. Wood tiles are gaining popularity as they match easily with different combinations of colors.

Tiling is vital, but if you choose the wrong tiles, the appearance of your whole bathroom will be affected. Thus, work with a company that is well known for tile installation.

2.  Maximize on Storage

Another way to turn the bathroom into the best spot in the house is by maximizing on storage. Shelves, cabinets, baskets, and storage containers should be enough in the bathroom. Cluttering makes a bathroom look busy, which doesn’t promote relaxation.

Extra storage helps you solve the cluttering issue as your bathroom will be organized. Arrange the cabinets according to what you store in them. For example, put skincare products in one cabinet and hair products in another.

Nothing is as frustrating as a bathroom that has toiletries and necessities thrown all over the place. Put everything in its shelf or cabinet. All hand towels should be in a basket which can be put on the floor for decorative purposes. Also, placing a tray on the countertop for holding hand soap, lotions, and sprays gives your bathroom an organized look.

Baskets are also used for towels, shower gels, and extra tissues. Use the shelf under the sink to put away detergents and other cleaning products. Arrange your makeup in one of the cabinets that you will install on the wall. Also, you can choose to arrange other products on the countertop. As long as you arrange them well, it will not look cluttered.

Maximizing on storage sounds simple, but it has a significant effect on the final look of your bathroom. Get creative with the baskets that you buy because they also have decorative value. You can decide to go for plastic or woven baskets which are gaining popularity.

Use glass jars to store cotton balls and place them on the countertop. All these storage ideas are vital, and they enormously change the look of your bathroom. It is wise to get various storage options, but do not go overboard with them.

3.  Transform Your Shower

Transforming your shower does not mean demolishing and rebuilding your whole shower section. It can be a simple aspect, such as changing the shower head, yet the difference will be profoundly felt. Different types of shower heads exist in the market, including incredible options that will give you a spa experience.

Another way to transform your shower is installing a tankless water heater, which will give you the best showering experience. Choose the best tankless water heater to ensure you are using the temperature that you want when showering.

Also, upgrade your bathtub by purchasing one with digital features such as a remote to control it. Put candles around your tub when showering to get maximum relaxation.

4.  Plant it up

Bringing nature to your bathroom is both therapeutic and decorative. Put about three plants in your bathroom, with one on top of a shelf. Placing succulents is a good way of bringing a sense of life into your bathroom.

Eucalyptus and ferns are used for therapy as the steam from the shower helps release their therapeutic oils, which have been proven to be effective. Plants give your bathroom a fresh aura, which is experienced in spas. Put the plants in decorative vases that define your personal style.

5.  Comfortable Towels

Did you know that hotels look amazing because of their fancy towels? You probably didn’t. Towels play a significant role in making your bathroom the best spot in your house. Comfy and warm towels will take your bathroom to the next level.

It is essential to display the towels in an organized way. Fold two or three towels and put them on a towel holder. The towel that you use should be hung on a luxurious holder to dry. Extra towels that are not used for daily purposes should be placed in the storage baskets. The color of the towels should be uniform, and they should correspond with the rest of your bathroom color theme.

It is possible to turn your bathroom into a spa using the five ways discussed above. Take your time showering and enjoy doing your skincare routine in a bathroom that is of high value. Investing in a bathroom is crucial as you use the room to relax. All these tips are practical, which means that they are achievable within a short time.

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