Whether you’re moving into a new-built property or just a “new-to-you” home, there’s nothing like starting with a clean slate to make it your own. But a new space can feel a little cold until you’ve had the chance to settle in and decorate it to your tastes.

Here are five steps to creating the perfectly welcoming and cozy experience in your new home:

Pick the right paint

It makes sense to paint before you put too much effort into moving and decorating since you’ll have to clear the walls anyway. Pick up paint chips and tape them to the walls to see what the colors look like in different lights and over the course of several days. Think about the furniture or décor you may already have, or tastes that you would like to reflect as you continue decorating. Neutral paint is a good choice if you have bold furniture, décor, or other accent pieces, and it can help smaller, darker spaces to feel less enclosed. Bold colors can feel more stylish and offset a muted furniture palette.

Install window coverings

Once you’ve painted, you’ll want to install additional or altered window coverings. Blinds and shutters can contribute to a distinctive style, giving a house the appearance of a beachside chalet or woodland cottage. Curtains might offset plain colors or create a sense of flow in the room, while also managing light. Again, try to think about what other items you’ll have in the space and how the colors and styles will fit together.

Adjust flooring

Unless you’re prepared for a significant renovation, flooring choices will mostly involve picking the right area rugs and mats to complement your space. Sturdy mats near doorways help to keep floors cleaner and prevent water damage in wet climates. Cozy area rugs can soften the look of a space, reduce sound, and give structure to your space. Use them to define zones within a room, fill out a design scheme, and make the area more comfortable. Choose tight-woven, easy-to-clean mats for potentially messy spaces like under the dining room table, and looser, longer-weave materials to decorate sitting areas where you want a more luxurious look and feel.

Choose functional furniture

You may have several pieces already on hand, but choosing the right furniture for your space is essential to making it both homely and functional. Consider getting rid of some pieces and consolidating to fewer, more functional ones if you have limited space. If you’re moving to a larger home, you may want to pick up a few more, selective pieces. Furniture styles can help to create an overall style and blend wall colors, window coverings, and flooring choices into a cohesive look while making day-to-day life more comfortable and convenient.

Add the finishing touches

Once your big set pieces are in place, make the finishing touches with decorative and functional items. Wall décor, useful items, and aesthetic pieces improve your daily experience and contribute to a distinctive, cohesive style. The website, asseenontvstore.com, is a useful online source for items of this sort which really make your new house feel like the perfect home.

Moving into a new property offers an incredible opportunity to create a space that suits you perfectly. Find the right combination of comfort and style with a step-by-step approach that considers paint choices and color schemes, window coverings and flooring choices, furniture placement, and the essential accents that tie it all together.

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