Much has been made of the crime of identity theft over recent years. However, the majority of the concerns seem to have centred on digital identity theft through the internet. But hard copy documents are still invaluable to those who would steal a personal data and whole identities. In their advice on how to minimise the risks of burglary and theft the Police talk of using a safe to secure items of value and amongst these they include passports. It is always worth discussing what type of safe to install, and where with experts such as Secure Safe at ( In what follows consideration is given to what other documents should be safely secured in a safe.


Personal Documents

The most obvious choice for documents to secure in a safe is those that confirm personal identity. The most obvious are passport, driving licence, birth certificate, identity cards and bank cards. These may be items that are used on a daily basis and it may seem that locking them away in a safe is both time consuming and unnecessary. But it only takes a brief absence to allow a thief to break in and steal them. Valuable documents that take time, money and effort to replace, to say nothing of the inconvenience caused by their loss, can be stolen in less than the time it takes to walk to a local shop and buy a pint of milk. Locking them away when not in use can become part of a regular routine that will soon be barely noticeable.


Legal Documents

What better place to keep personal legal documents than in a safe? They contain personal, sensitive data and are often costly to replace. Documents such as a will, marriage certificate, deeds to property and other similar documents are not only more secure in a safe but are also better protected from unexpected accidents such as flooding and even fire.


Sentimental Documents

Some things just simply cannot be replaced. They may have no basic value at all, and may be personal letters or photographs from an age long gone or a deceased relative. Locking them away in a safe not only protects them from the damage often done by thieves during a burglary but keeps them secure on a day to day basis. These types of documents are often placed in safety deposit boxes in banks, but are equally as safe and more importantly instantly accessible in a home safe.

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