Today’s 4K TV technology combined with surround sound systems deliver an immersive audio experience that makes watching movies at home even more enjoyable.

There are many types of accessories and components for audio and video today. It’s smart to have some kind of storage system in your home entertainment setup.

1. You Have More Design Options and Finishes With Custom Entertainment Units

When you compare custom entertainment units to big-box store entertainment units, the shortcomings are obvious. Custom entertainment units let you create hundreds of unique cabinetry looks, instead of just choosing between three or four finish colors.

Modern technology makes it possible to customize custom cabinetry to your specific design preferences. There are many options for laminate and melamine finishes that will replicate the look of wood. You’ll love the variety of solid colors available if you prefer a modern look.

2. Custom Entertainment Units Will Last Longer

You will be able to save money by investing in custom furniture and cabinetry. Custom entertainment units will last longer because they are made of better wood and have durable finishes.

The higher-quality cabinetry can also be easily moved if needed. If you have to move, fragile self-assembled furniture won’t break down or be able to be transported well. In such situations, sturdy cabinetry will be stronger.

Although handcrafted solid wood furniture made from cherry hardwood and oak looks beautiful, there are some drawbacks. The high price is one of them. Wood can crack or warp in areas with low moisture levels, which can cause wood to expand and contract.

5. Enhance and Complement Your Home Decor

An entertainment unit is often the focal point of a room and should match your existing decor. It is important to match the colors and styles of your walls and furniture in order to maintain a warm and inviting space that will be used often by the whole family.

Custom entertainment units offer a lot of design flexibility, making it much easier to achieve this goal. Contrarily, cabinetry from big-box stores can be a detriment to your home’s decor due to the limited choices they offer. They may not be well-suited for their surroundings in terms of color, style, or size.

This article was written by Jordan Legault, Jordan is the owner of The French Refinery. Founded in 2015, The French Refinery quickly built a name and reputation for high-end cabinetry with quality craftsmanship and attention to fine detail. We strive every day to provide the utmost in customer service because our customers deserve the best we can provide. We have built a hand-picked team of talented craftsmen with over 100 years of combined experience. Building bathroom vanities Tampa is our craft, we love what we do, and we make it show through the work we provide on a daily basis.

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