Whether you’re in the office or at home, having the right windows can be a huge help for focus, mood, and even creativity. When it comes time to choose the right windows for your space, you might not have considered the possibilities of block windows for a home or communal environment. While these stackable glass blocks might not seem like the obvious choice, they can go a long way toward adding style and strength to any interior. If you’re already looking for the best window replacement in richmond va and want to choose a window style that’s sturdy, artistic, and full of light exposure, block windows might just be your best bet. If you’re looking to redo your home or workspace, here are a few ways that block windows can boost your design and beautify a room.

Create a Wall

One of the benefits of glass blocks is that they’re stackable and held together by cement. This makes them incredibly sturdy and able to act as a barrier between spaces in an office or home. Unlike a floor-to-ceiling window, which doesn’t create a privacy barrier and isn’t thick enough to create the support of a wall, glass blocks can act as actual separators between spaces without blocking out light or seeming to shrink a room. Using glass blocks as a wall accent or building a stack of wavy glass cubes as a separator can serve a practical architectural purpose as well as a decorative one. You can also get creative with the shape and style of your wall by using glass. You’ll have a lot more options for creating something that looks stunning and diversifies a space.

Build Around the Bath

Glass blocks are a favorite in home bathrooms everywhere because of their versatility. For homes that don’t come with a lot of bathroom space, instead of setting up a traditional divider or putting up a curtain, many homeowners choose to install thick frosted or wavy glass cubes to separate the shower or bath area from the rest of the room. Even if you’re not working with an extravagant budget, building a privacy barrier around your bath is a great way to make the space feel a bit more luxurious and separate from the rest of the room. If you’re living with roommates, it’s a perfect way to give everyone their space without having to scramble for privacy.

Make a Sculpture

Working with glass blocks isn’t like working with an average window style. You can get extra creative by using the glass to build alternative-looking accents to your home that make your space extra unique. In addition to increasing a home’s curb value, glass blocks are a great way to make a generic space your own. You can even use individual blocks as matching accessories by arranging them around your home as flower vases or smaller storage cubes. Since glass is one of the most diverse, seamless materials you can use, you’ll never be stuck for inspiration.

Build a Bar

One of the best things about glass blocks is their ability to create a smooth transition between otherwise jarring or too-close-together elements of the home. In addition to being a great choice for walls or separators within a room, they can be used to blend into any design scheme in areas that tend to be a lot more design-conscious, such as a kitchen or bathroom. If you have a front-facing or communal kitchen that’s part of a more open area, using glass blocks to build bar seating or even create a solid glass countertop could be a helpful way of making your kitchen area stand out rather than blending in with the rest of the open space. You can even customize your island area and create it without having the mortar barriers in between, giving you a lot more choice in terms of style and shape.

Furnish the Floor

There’s nothing like walking out onto a patio with a solid glass floor. Except that with glass block windows, you’re not getting woozy staring down into an open area. You’re walking on solid ground with bits of light shining through. Though it’s a much less traditional way of using a window, installing a small glass block pattern in your floor, especially near a pool area or a large common outdoor space, can be a perfect accent for someone who loves to host or spend a ton of time outside. Not only will it lend a magical feel to your patio, it will add depth to the space in a snap.




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