Most of us want to wake up to a breathtaking view beside the beach or take a nature trail walk in the evening. Before you plan on traveling and also acquire an expensive house beside the beach, you can have an extreme makeover in your room. Wall art creates an aesthetic beauty that brings out the functionality of the room and harmoniously blends decor, furniture with the space.

Choosing the best wall decor will make your living space more appealing and comfortable and provide tranquility to your mental space. Ferm living wall dots bring a new outlook that you have been longing for in a matter of minutes. Here are the expert tips that will help you get the best wall dots for your wall decor.

  • Where do you stick it?

The most immediate decision that should be made will be where to stick the wall decal. Each room or wall has a different aesthetic mood, texture, and accompanying furniture. All of these different factors will determine the perspective of the decoration. You should know exactly where you intend to place the wall decal before making a decision on the wall dots to purchase.

  • Decide on the material of the wall decal you want

Wall decor can be made of fabric or PVC plastic, or vinyl. Fabric provides an alternative to plastic and has durable stretch that may not tear. Another added advantage to the fabric wall dots is that they can be repositioned.  On the other hand, PVC plastic provides a wide range of decorations since it is made of a printout. You can explore a whole universe using the PVC plastic design.

  • Tone layering and style

Pay a lot of attention to the tone layering and style since each space in the house provides a different mood. Tone layering refers to the use of different colors and saturation to achieve varied patterns or decorative techniques. You have noticed that an entire wall can be changed by just lightening or darkening the color. Tone layering is achieved via the identification of the specific style that you want for the space. A reading space will have different tone layering as compared to the kitchen or even the living room. Before you decide on the wall dot, consider the tone layering and style that you expect to achieve

  • Size and space

In most cases, people will rush to buy the wall decal without having accurate measurements of the space they intend to decorate. This results in epic failure or having inadequate results compared to the expectations. A vertical will need a different wall decal design to a horizontal one. You may decide to stick the wall dots at the center of the wall, which is perfectly fine. All of these decisions are dependent on the knowledge you have about your wall size. You can test by sticking masking tape or even finding someone to take the measurements for you. With these tips, your wall is destined to look amazing.

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