Are you fond of having electronics like tv, home theatre, music system in your room for your entertainment? But frustrated with the crowd of wires that are creating a mess in your room? Why worry, the solution is there, you can take help of your tv installation service provider like who know well how to hide the cable wires while installing the tv or home theatre. You can do it yourself by using one of the following three ways.

Hook the cords

One of the best ways is to get rid of messy wire appearing in the walls or floors is to hook them with the cord. You can use the medium size command cord clips to join all wires and gather them together. The ideal way is to gather them behind your furniture like a table behind the television rack.

Running cables behind the walls

With the advancement of technology, as the tv has changed its form. In a similar way, you can find the accessories to keep the wires and cables organized. The recessed cable plates are available in the market. You can fix them behind the tv, now you may be thinking how. It is very simple. Follow the steps below

  • First, remove the tv from the wall or slightly slide it if it has an adjustable arm.
  • Then check the stud free sections behind the tv. You can use the stud finder to find out the stud free sections of the wall. On the stud near the outlet make the slight cut with a utility knife.
  • Now fix the wire there.
  • Here you go. All your area is clean and your wires will remain in one position. All your room will feel tidy and it seems you will have a wireless setup.

Foam tubing another incredible solution

If you are feeling that the previous two methods are difficult to manage and you need some effort to fix the wires in those ways, then no need to take the stress. One more solution is there. Find in your storeroom rubber or foam tubing. Or buy the cheap wire hiding source form market, simply gather all wires. Now fix it inside the foam tubing. Now hang behind the tv stand or your tv. Now your room is mess-free. No wire is hanging to create a frustrating effect in your room. Use this method for your office, bedroom or living room. You can decorate the foam with some stickers or attractive wrapping cover to make it more fascinating and neater.

Hiding the wires or cable is, not a difficult task. If you feel difficult then when you install the tv or pc take the help of a service provider for efficient services.

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