Improving the impression your house makes on your neighbours and the average passer-by is moderately simple, but it does require a good eye for detail. A designer would be the ideal employee who could suggest the inexpensive additions or changes you could make to turn your house and its surroundings into an eye-catching beauty. You should start with the most reasonable changes such as repairing anything that is broken or in disrepair.


The next step you should take is to paint anything that is dull or perhaps an unflattering colour. Compare homes in your subdivision or even the whole town. Look to see what combinations make the home look most appealing. If the general exterior resembles your home, make a note of the colours. If possible, inquire with the homeowner about the colour. They may be able to tell you the colour name and the brand of the paint.

Paint is relatively inexpensive, around $66.00 per gallon. One gallon of paint will cover 400 square feet, so calculate how much square footage you’ll be painting and subtract 21 square feet for every exterior door and 15 square feet for every window you’ll paint around.

Your Landscape

Paint is not the only inexpensive way to improve your home’s appearance. You can also add your shrubbery or flowers to your front landscape. All you may need is to trim the existing shrubbery or pull the weeds in your flower bed. You may simply need to discard the eyesores in your yard. Throw away those old metal lawn chairs that have lost their paint and rusted. Replace them with a cypress or wicker lounge chairs. And, add a wicker table and flank the whole setting with standing citronella lamps to create an outdoor retreat.

The Roof

Look up, does your roof look like it was in a disaster. Maybe, it doesn’t leak, but is it an eyesore? If it is, give it a makeover by replacing the missing shingles, etc. Price the work by shopping the roofing companies. Rekote Roofing could give you ideas for the roofing makeover.

Other Areas

Other ways you could upgrade your home’s appearance:

  • Replace or paint the front door.
  • Replace the garage door.
  • Power wash your home’s exterior.
  • Replace the windows.
  • Replace the shutters.

Start with the Little Things

Your home’s exterior can be improved by doing so many simple things. Just observe your home from afar and compare it to home’s you admire. Take the little things that make the home look great and imagine something similar on your home or in your yard. Compare everything to your home. Is the driveway perfectly paved? Is the yard manicured to perfection? Where do they store their garbage bins? Are they hidden or stored behind a barrier? Does the home have a welcoming entrance? Would those changes improve the look of your property? If they would use them.

Become a connoisseur of beautiful properties. In fact, tour the area and photograph beautiful home exteriors. When you get home, lay out your photos and pick the elements that you can afford to do now. Choose those things that would make the most improvement to your home’s appearance. Borrow that look and feast your eyes on your new home.

By taking the time to consider what would make a positive difference, you can become the makeover artist of your own home. Simply take the time to find the simple improvements and do them one at a time. Don’t break the budget trying to do everything at once. Just get it done, one step at a time and soon your home will truly be your castle.

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