We’re forever being told that crime is on the increase. Read any newspaper or watch the news on TV and you’ll be bombarded with examples of home invasions. Whether it is just media hype or not doesn’t make us feel any safer. This supposed increase in burglaries is causing many homeowners to think carefully about their safety and security and causing some to invest in a home safe.

We all keep plenty of valuables in our homes, which means there is a need for keeping them safe. Jewellery, electronics and even documents can cost a staggering amount to replace if stolen. Some items may never be replaced, such as keepsakes, personal and private data. Buying an underfloor safe from a company such as Securesafe Ltd, is a wise investment. We’ll look at some of the items you should be keeping under lock and key so you can appreciate the value of having a home safe.

Important Documents to Keep in a Home Safe

Passports – A passport is just the type of thing a home safe is designed for. Replacing one, if stolen, can be very expensive. The value of replacement pales in significance when measured against the cost of your personal information finding its way into the wrong hands.

Property Deeds – if you own your own home, other property or land, you will have the title deeds somewhere around. They are very important pieces of paper and not given the respect they deserve. Replacing them will be expensive and letting your solicitor store them can also be very costly.

Insurance Documents – these are not considered valuable as such, but it will be a little inconvenient if they happen to go missing. They also contain a certain amount of your personal data which will prove very useful should someone want to steal your identity. When you fall victim to a burglary, the first thing you’ll need is a copy of your insurance certificate.

Birth Certificate – this is another document that is difficult to replace and can often have significant sentimental value. It could be your certificate, even if it is a little tattered and torn. It still has special value. Your children’s birth certificates will be much newer but also be very precious.

Wills – your will is important to keep safe and best kept under lock and key because it could contain sensitive information. Obtaining a copy will be expensive and time consuming.

There are a number of other items you’ll want to keep safe. For example, precious stones, heirlooms, rings, laptops, cash and cards. While keeping these in a safe may be a little inconvenient, it is far better than them being stolen.

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