Who doesn’t like to save money? Nobody, that’s who. So don’t get stuck with a high heating bill this winter, follow some of these effective tips for keeping costs down while keeping your home comfy and cozy both day and night.

Bundle Up

One of the easiest ways to stay warm indoors when it gets chilly outdoors is by simply putting on an extra layer of clothing.

Slip into a soft sweater or throw on an extra pair of socks, either way you’ll feel a whole lot warmer as you hang around the house.

Get a Blanket

When winter arrives, grab those warm blankets out of storage and drape them on the couch and bed. Next time you’re in front of the television and feel a slight chill, pull that blanket around your shoulders or on your legs for some additional warmth.

Going to bed and you want to leave the thermostat low? Spread that extra blanket out before you climb beneath the covers for that feeling of total comfort without burning more heating oil.

Propane Heating

Propane is the choice of many homeowners who wish to heat their homes but do so with a material that is less expensive and more efficient than some of the alternatives out there.

In many cases it’s cheaper than running electrical heating options and runs cleaner than traditional oil, so it’s healthier for you, your family, and the environment.

Quarles propane delivery service can fill any tank above or below ground on a schedule that you set and can reset whenever you prefer. Managing your propane is as easy as giving us a call to let us know when you wish to schedule your next delivery.


The quickest way to a higher energy bill is to let all of your warm climate controlled air to seep through the cracks and gaps around the doors and windows of your home.

Weatherizing these areas before the seasons change can ensure that you only spend as much as necessary on your heating bills in order to stay warm and comfortable. Running your central heating longer than you need is only going to increase your heating costs and you’ll still never quite get the temperature where you want it to be.

Conserve energy by checking for areas where your warm air can seep outside and your hard-earned money along with it.

Buy a Space Heater

Sometimes the best option for heating any room in the house is by heating only that one room instead of adding warmth into rooms that are totally empty.

A space heater is a great option for keeping the room you are in comfortable and not wasting money on heating the rest of the house. Most of these heaters are powered by electricity so the costs will likely be much less in the long run.

You have different sizes from which to choose when you are purchasing one of these units, so figure out the size of the area you wish to heat and if you’d prefer a portable model that you can bring anywhere in the house or a stationary option that can be more powerful.


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