Lots of homeowners fall into the trap of assuming that the wood finishes in their home must match each other. In reality, the wood finishes don’t have to match; in fact, mismatching wood finishes can add dimension and style to a room!

However, it is important to avoid using too many different wood finishes, as this can make the room look crowded and mismatched.

If you want to use a variety of wood tones and colours in your house, don’t worry. Here are the top tips for mixing and matching wood finishes.

Use One Wood Family

Some types of wood are seen as more formal than other types, such as mahogany, cherry and oak. If you are using one of these types of wood, you should use other types of formal wood to create a clear and cohesive look. If you are using less formal woods such as bamboo, maple and pine, you should also group them together.

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Choose Cool Or Warm

One of the easiest ways to make the wood in your home look mismatched is by using both warm and cool woods. This means that the different types of wood don’t complement each other, so you should choose either warm wood or cool wood so that the different types of wood all fit well together.

Use A Rug

If you are placing a wooden chair or table on a wooden floor that is made from a different type of wood, you can use a rug to break the wood up. This will help to detract from the differences between the two types of wood.

According to Art Of Manliness, a rug can also make a wooden floor feel much warmer, so there are multiple benefits to buying a rug.

Use an Accent Colour

You can bring all of the different types of wood together by using an accent colour, such as green, mint, blue or red. This will help to tie the different types of wood together.

Don’t Go Too Far

It is easy to make a few different wood finishes work well together, but if you have too many different types, the room will look messy rather than balanced. Don’t go overboard!

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