Sealing is finished in the course of the set up and afterwards as soon as per 12 months or based on your installers suggestion. The significance of sealing your granite countertop is to fill within the fissures and make the granite non-porous thus nothing can penetrate. Not all sealant are appropriate for granite, one of the best sealant needs to be stone cleaner or a stone wax to fill within the fissures. Once you seal your countertop then you’ll cut back buildup of oil particles on the floor. The meals substances which might be more likely to make the granite stain are, tomato, espresso, acidic substances and alkaline substances. The porosity stage of granite differ the place you will see that one granite slab is extra porous than the opposite.

There’s a easy take a look at you may conduct every now and then to find out whether or not it’s best to seal your granite. Place a water-soaked towel on the granite countertop and anticipate 5-10 minutes. Take away the paper towel and in case you see the world that was below the towel has turned darker, then your granite must be resealed as quickly as potential. You might want to select a high quality sealant just because you’ve spent some huge cash to buy your granite countertop. Earlier than you start sealing be sure that the countertop is clear, use a granite cleaner and a chunk of clothes to wipe any mud and particles on the granite floor. Enable the floor to utterly dry earlier than you may apply the sealant.The method of making use of the sealant may be very easy, begin by pouring some sealant on a cotton rag and rub it on the granite in a round uniform movement. You might want to make sure you’ve coated all the floor then let the granite soak up the sealer for about 20-30 minutes. It is vital to learn the route written on the granite since totally different sealants have totally different wait interval. After the primary sealer utility has dried take one other cotton rug and re apply slightly extra sealer. Don’t be in a rush, take your time and work uniformly from one finish to the opposite. Relying on the dimensions of your countertop the process ought to take 30-45 minutes. Upon getting made certain the sealant is dry wipe the floor to take away the remaining sealant after which perform the moist paper towel take a look at to see when you’ve got sealed it correctly. If you don’t see any darkish spot or discoloration then you’ve efficiently sealed your granite countertop.

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