On the subject of security, everyone has their opinions. Despite the fact that most people do not have the experience or the training to call themselves security experts on any level, this is one of those subjects that has a lot of “armchair experts.” In my opinion, this is simply due to the primal instinct that drives all creatures to defend their home and their pack. We all want to believe that we are capable to defending our territory effectively. However, a little knowledge can go a long way.

Most of us think about this question in terms of home security, but public security is actually much more important. Although home invasions happen every day, the public space is far more likely to see violent attacks and other kinds of criminal activity. So, if you happen to be the person who is tasked with maintaining public security, you might find the following insights to be helpful.

The first thing I would recommend is to walk your area and shift your mentality. To be more specific, pretend for a minute that you are a criminal and that you are looking for an opportunity. Think about what you might want, and where it might be found. As you check out the building or area that you are assigned to protect, think about where you would need to go and what you would need to do to accomplish specific crimes. Using this knowledge as a guide, you can then adjust the placement of your security cameras to minimize “blind spots”.

On the subject of cameras, you should definitely make use of dummy cameras. One of the things that any criminal will do is look for areas that are not covered by security cameras. Naturally, you do not want them to know where your real cameras are. You can take this concept even further. Think about the most valuable thing in the area or the building. You know that any serious criminal will be after the big payoff. By making it appear as if the goods are stored in one area, while actually storing them somewhere else, you can add a helpful and deceptive layer to your security.

When it comes to door locks, the level of strength and sophistication should be directly determined by the value of the goods being protected by them. Naturally, you want to keep all doors locked up tight when they are not in use, but that goes without saying. You also want to make sure that your fire doors are secured from the outside so that a person cannot use them to circumvent the normal measures. On the inside, though, you need to simply add a panic bar. For panic bar exit devices elmhurst il has some good distributors to choose from.

Lastly, do not forget to infiltrate the public. This is especially important in large crowd events such as concerts and festivals. The best security is the one that no one ever sees coming. Instead of marching around in a uniform, at least a few of your people should be undercover, posing as normal everyday civilians. The advantage is that, when trouble occurs, they are right there in the middle where they can do the most good.

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