We all know who they are, they make the locks that make our homes, and offices secure from burglars and others with bad intentions. You may admire locksmiths for what they do, but do you really understand the intricacies of the trade?  Visit our homepage for more information regarding locksmithery. But for now, you can learn more about the locksmithery trade from this article.

We are Fusion Locksmiths and we are the best family owned locksmithery business in Sydney, Australia. Our locksmiths and customer service representatives serve all of Sydney and surrounding cities. Our corporate headquarters is located in Mascot and it is booming. We are doing so well largely because of the quality of the locksmiths that we hire. We understand that in locksmithery, quality matters and no two locks are the same. Because so much is at stake – the safety of people and their belongings – we know that nothing but the best in terms of door locks for factories, homes, buildings, and offices will do.

Our locksmiths are qualified and experienced professionals who are fully licensed as per the standards of Australian law. Our business’s master license number is 410836601, our security license number is 409083286, and our master locksmith member number is 9093. Our locksmiths can do any job, whether it is designing and installing the locks that will secure a major jewelry business or apartment complex during regular office hours, to helping someone get into his or her home at 2 o’clock in the morning when he or she finds him or herself locked out. We have also rescued pets trapped in rooms, buildings, and homes at odd hours of the day or night.  We are also known for our commitment to our customers because we are the only company in Sydney which provides an 18-month guarantee on all of the work that our locksmiths do!

But, experience and quality in terms of designing and installing locksmiths is only part of the story.  We understand that our customers come back to us for more work and give us referrals because they feel as though we treat them like royalty. Because customers are people, understanding how to relate to and communicate with all ranges of personalities and thinking patterns is vital to staying in business in our very competitive industry. That is where outstanding customer service representatives come into the picture. Indeed, we value quality in terms of our customer service and only hire the best, most experienced, and most qualified people who have outstanding social skills and a track record of calming and talking to people in a professional and friendly manner.

When our customers call in, we don’t do the all too familiar routine of having them speak with a receptionist before being transferred to a customer service representative. No, because we believe that quality service is essential in satisfying customers, they speak directly with an experienced, qualified, and trained master locksmith who is capable of answering all of their questions to their satisfaction.

When it comes to locksmiths, only the best will do.  We are the best in terms of locksmiths in Sydney, so why don’t you give us a call for your next locksmithery job? We would be more than happy to help you!

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