Keeping your family safe is one of the top priorities that you likely have. Whether it’s installing a security camera in your home or making sure everyone knows where to go in an emergency, there are several things that you can do to ensure that the lives of your family members are protected. Another option is to create a special area in your home where your family can go if there’s an emergency, such as a severe storm or a home invasion.

Before you build a safe room in your home, you should do some research about the construction and the components that go into this kind of room in your home. You need to have a place in mind of where you want it to be that is easy for your family to access but that is hidden from other people. The room needs to be reinforced so that it can withstand any high winds from a storm. There shouldn’t be any windows in the room so that there isn’t any broken glass. Concrete walls are usually the best for this kind of room, and it should be anchored so that there isn’t a risk for it to get demolished if there is a tornado in the area. If the room is below-ground, you need to create a way for water to drain from the area so that it doesn’t flood. The door of the room should be reinforced and should open inward in case there is something blocking the outside of the room. Locks should be put on the doors as well.

When you begin planning your room, you need to think about the number of people who will use it at one time. There should be enough space for everyone to comfortably move around, but this doesn’t need to be a large room that you plan on living in for weeks at a time. There are kits that you can purchase to make this kind of room, or you can contact a contractor who can help with the design as well. When you have a plan in place, you can begin gathering the materials that you need for the room, reinforcing it where needed to offer maximum protection.

Once your room is built, you need to stock it with the items that are essential for your family. You need to have protection for your family in the room, but it should be in an area where only responsible adults know of the location. Keep enough gallons of water in the room so that each person has at least a gallon a day for three days. You can put a shelf in the room for nonperishable foods and items that you don’t have to cook. Batteries, flashlights, and a radio or television that is battery-operated should also be included in the room. If you have children, then keep diapers, a few toys, powdered formula, and other items that are essential for their safety and survival.

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