Most of the companies need some kind of security services, as they are exposed to different types of crime and offence. In some cases, monitoring is enough to keep the place safe but many businesses should consider more advanced services, such as full security guarding. Since they say, prevention is better than cure, I’ve prepared a list of situations in which a security guard turns out to be helpful. If you find yourself or your company in at least one of them, make sure to look for a professional security services agency. Additionally, I mention some of the most important benefits of hiring a security guard. Hopefully, this will help you make the decision!

When does your business need a security guard?

No doubt hiring a security services agency generates additional costs for a business. Some companies, especially small and medium-sized, may see it as an unnecessary expense. But security is not where they should look for savings. All types of businesses can be victims of illegal acts and their goal needs to be prevention. However, certain circumstances make the risk even higher for some companies. Here’s when you should consider having a professional security guard to protect your business.

  1.  You have experienced issues in the past or you still do. – This is the strongest sign that should convince you to get in touch with the security services agency. As soon as you experience theft, vandalism, disorder, violence or any kind of law violation, it means there is a breach of safety in your business (or your private life). Usually, this risk concerns not only you but also your co-workers, customers, and business partners and it’s your responsibility to ensure their safety.
  2.  You have a retail business and you keep stock on site. – Let’s move on to prevention rather than reaction. For a shop, its stock is the most valuable asset and the loss of it usually causes huge liquidity issues. Hiring a security guard, in this case, can prevent the most common crime committed in stores and shopping malls which is theft (shoplifting).
  3.  The company operates in the area of higher crime risk. – This point should be understood in two ways. On the one hand, what we mean here, are the areas with a higher crime rate in general. Unfortunately, some places in the world are known as more dangerous than others, both for business and individual people. So when you decide to start a firm there you have to reckon with that and invest in security reinforcement.

On the other hand, some areas don’t seem to be unsafe at first sight. These include, among others, a construction site unattended during the night, a warehouse neighbourhood far away from other buildings or a property in the underpopulated area. Such circumstances often favour illegal acts.

  1.  Your business activity includes crowds and/or alcohol. – These may be different kinds of companies – event organizers, concert halls, expo building, bars, restaurants and pubs. An increased amount of people in the same place, at the same time already creates a higher risk of conflict or argument. When there’s alcohol involved, in many cases a harmless discussion can turn into a dangerous fight. This type of situation is extremely hard to handle for a person without experience and resources.
  2.  The premises of your business are characterized by very high traffic. – This characteristic is specific for most of the offices – buildings where hundreds or thousands of people work and all kind of sensitive data is stored. Nowadays, an office job is quite flexible in many cases. Employees can start work at different hours, they often leave the office to have lunch or meet with external clients. And even if everybody has the same working schedule, there’s still a lot of going in and out of the building and moving between rooms and floors.

Such circumstances make it easier for undesirable persons to enter the building and come into possession of sensitive information. It’s good to have a security guard by the door who is on the alert and prevents such issues.

  1.  An insurance company requires this. – It happens that an insurance company requires you to have some kind of security service. That’s the case especially if you experienced safety breaches in the past. This way you can demonstrate an attempt at improving the situation.
  2.  You feel that you lack the knowledge and experience necessary to solve safety issues. – This point is very subjective, but I formulated it this way on purpose. It’s not possible to fit every situation to specific criteria. Your case may not be characterized by any of the features I mentioned. But as soon as you feel that your business or you personally face any kind of emergencies that you’re not able to manage that’s the sign you need assistance.

Shopping malls and offices are among the places most exposed to risk

What are the benefits of hiring a security services agency?

Hiring security guards is a smart move that brings a lot of profits. The most important are:

  • Prevention – as soon as you hire security guards, most of the potential issues are resolved before they even arise. Security assistance of any kind – monitoring, manned guarding, mobile security, etc., works as a deterrent.
  • Effective problem solving – when the prevention didn’t work and it comes to an emergency, professional security guards have experience and tools necessary to respond quickly and appropriately to the situation.
  • Sense of security – awareness of the presence of any kind of security service, especially a guard, increases our feeling of security no matter if it’s in the workplace, public place or private property.
  • Shared responsibility – security guards receive appropriate training and have a lot of experience in handling emergencies. Giving them the responsibility for ensuring safety is the smartest thing you can do.
  • Well-invested money – I started by saying that security service is another expense a business should bear but I want to underline that these are well-invested money and at some point even savings. Just think about all the expensive issues you avoid by hiring security guards – stolen goods and data, destroyed possessions, vandalised buildings – in the long term you practically save more than you spend.

In the long term, hiring a security guard is a smart investment, rather than unnecessary expense

If you were wondering why you should hire a security guard, I hope this article responded to your questions and dispelled any doubts you had. Many companies and private properties are more exposed to different kinds of crimes and should try to minimise this risk as much as possible. Hiring a professional security services agency is one of the best ways to do it. If you feel you need guarding assistance, don’t wait any longer. Contact Angleside to get the free services quote and stay safe!

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