When you think of hot tubs, you likely think about the luxurious lifestyle they promise.

For many of us, the idea of entertaining friends in an outdoor ‘tub, relaxing after a hard days work or even just spending time with the family is an enticing one. Hot tubs are still the ultimate in luxurious lifestyle choices, but when you’ve decided to take the plunge (all puns intended) and invest in a ‘tub, you’ve got some decisions to make.

Specifically, you’ve got to decide whether you want a hard-sided hot tub or an inflatable model instead. Both come with their own distinct advantages, but why should you choose a hard-sided model?

Here are the biggest reasons:


A hot tub is the cherry on top of your home, and if you’re planning on sticking around for a while (or just raising the value of your property), you’ll love the fact that your hot tub, once installed, is locked in place. No worries about puncturing your tub and nothing to do but sit back, relax and enjoy the relaxing warmth.

That permanence also has the handy side effect of creating a more premium look in your property!

Improved durability

Whilst it’d be unfair to say that inflatable hot tubs aren’t durable, it’s also undeniable that they can be punctured – completely destroying their ability to function.

With a hard-sided ‘tub, you don’t need to worry about sharp objects, animals or anything else getting in the way of your enjoyment. It also means that, with the correct care, your ‘tub can function effectively for decade after decade.

Additional features

Inflatable hot tubs are great, but they often lack the advanced features of hard-sided hot tubs like lighting systems, massage jets, speaker systems, individual seating, foot massagers and more.

Needless to say, these are features you can expect to find in certain hard-sided models. In fact, because there’s fixed space for electronics, you’ll find that hard-sided models have a great deal more going on technologically than inflatable models, something which contributes to their higher price.

Easy installation

Although you lose the ability to move your tub, hard-sided tubs feature exceptionally easy installation. An installer will place your tub in position and, provided there’s a large enough power supply nearby, quickly and easily install your tub into position.

There’s no need to worry about plumbing and no worries about durability throughout the winter months, either! It’s a huge reason why many people choose to opt for a hard-sided model.